I remember as a kid making paper aeroplanes, in fact, I can remember having a book on paper aeroplanes – how to make all different ones, some were a success, some just looked like a cool origami shape, which didn’t really do much – there was always that one, the paper dart, that you could rely on to get you into trouble at school by landing on the teachers desk! Anyways, enough reminiscing!

During my daily trawl of fun new gadgets, I seen a picture of a paper aeroplane – not just ANY paper aeroplane though a modernised, technological wonder, a paper aeroplane controlled by smartphone!

Check out this video of the PowerUp v3.0


What is the PowerUp 3.0 exactly? It’s a small device which can be connected to any paper aeroplane, you then download the app, ramp up the power and throw your plane like any other paper plane.

Once you’ve launched your plane, you have up to 10 minutes flight time, all controlled by your smart phone! Ok, so it’s not quite the same as a quadcopter or other remote control flying device, you can’t do stunts, but you can speed up, slow down, and turn – what more could you want from a paper plane?

At around €40 I think I would still go for a mini drone or helicopter, but for the nostalgia factor, I love this.

Sweeney’s Verdict: Brings me back to my school days, a lot of fun but a little more expensive than I would expect!