If you’re like me, and love to laugh at other people’s misfortune (Only if it’s not too serious!) then chances are, you’ll have made your way onto Youtube and looked at funny videos, fail videos – and of course, what I’m writing about – Dashcam videos.

Dashcams are becoming more and more common, remember the days when you’d have to read a map to figure out how to get to that little seaside town on holiday? Now you just set your Satnav and follow the directions, Dashcams are the new satnavs, before long, almost every car will be fitted with one, and with good reason.

If you’ve seen the dashcam videos I’m talking about – the ones where someone pulls out and causes a ridiculous crash, or some Russians having a disagreement and ending up in a road rage induced fist fight in the street (Why do so many burly Russians have such small cars!?). But no, the best dashcam videos are the ones that give evidence of wrongdoing, or prove that the driver wasn’t in the wrong.

Some car insurance companies have started reducing premiums for people who have a car dashcam because they know that, if there is an accident, and their customer is not at fault, they will have video evidence of this. Dashcams are also reducing the number of 50/50 or shared fault insurance claims, which is good for everyone, as eventually premiums should start to fall.

Dashcams can also capture footage when you’re not out and about – if someone hits your car whilst you’re parked up, your dashcam may capture this, and if the person isn’t honest enough to leave their details, at least you have a way to check out what happened, and possibly┬átake the details in to your local Garda station.

Some people might think it is snooping, or even strange, but really, you are being watched in almost everything you do – shopping, walking down the street, even working out at the gym, so it makes sense to protect yourself and keep a record of any incidents you’re involved in.

Sweeney’s Verdict: I have a front and rear facing dashcam in my car, do I care if people don’t like it? Certainly not – the only people who should really care are those with something to hide.